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The woman behind the lens.

I have a love affair with photography and it all started in front of the lens over 20 years ago. Seeing myself captured in beautiful images did something for me and my self confidence that I honestly couldn't put into words. Over the last ten years, I have had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of women. Sharing in their secrets, laughing with them, and helping them on their journey towards a little more self-love. A lot of women come in with their insecurities and leave a brand new person. We take an exciting visual journey together that encourages rediscovery of self and honestly, i'm addicted to it.

I want my images to be a true reflection of a client’s relationship with their self. This is a unique experience with every woman and because I approach boudoir from this avenue, I’m better able to portray you in a new light—one that feels very authentic to who you are as a woman. What I do is very holistic. It’s a gentle, guided process, but it pushes women to explore and express things out loud. I’ve worked hard to create an environment that allows women to embrace their womanhood and sensuality without judgement or any kind of “one size fits all” standard, which is something I’m incredibly proud of. It genuinely makes me happy seeing your excitement when you see your images for the first time and when you walk out of my space with fire under your feet...

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Miss I

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"All of the love and passion you put into your work shows! Thank you for all of it. It was perfect.”
“If you’re thinking about booking, stop thinking and do it! There are no words to describe what an experience it is to shoot with Sindy. All I can say is that I was able to see myself through kinder, more loving eyes. Through Sindy’s eyes (or more accurately through her camera lens). Every woman should feel seen, appreciated, loved in her vulnerability. So book it! You deserve it!"

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